Have you found yourself in too many dysfunctional relationships? Most of us have.

Well, are you ready for something different? A WHOLE different and new way of perceiving, receiving, and BEing in relationships?

Now there’s a book that can help you make any relationship more fun, fulfilling, and, above all, CONSCIOUS! How does it get any better?!

Join me and a myriad other authors as we present variety of chapters on how to improve your relationships and your life.

Let’s start with few questions that this book and my chapter will highlight and explore with you:

What do your overall relationships in your life look like?

Are they satisfying?

Do they provide you what you require and desire?

Or do you find yourself constantly in a place of struggle and heart-break?

What would you like your relationships to BE instead?

What does your relationship with YOU look like?

Are you constantly in a wrongness of you?

How would you like that to BE different?

Dr. Sarah is AWESOME!!!
Kristen A.
Dr Sarah you are amazing! I am truely grateful for you and for all the tools you share with us on a daily basis! Thank you for all you do! blushpray
Lefty W.
The topics are always thought provoking and useful tools!!
Randy T.

What else is possible now?

My chapter“Traveling the 7 C’s: Generating, Creating, and Sustaining Conscious Relationships”, not only provides you with the awareness and insight into conscious relationships, but also provides a pragmatic tool that allows you to generate and create lighter and more sustainable relationships.

An excerpt from my chapter:

“Unconscious relationships often come from a “fairy tale” point of view; a “one day my prince or princess will come” mentality that results in unrealistic expectations, disappointments, incompleteness, and dissatisfaction. It’s an outward journey of an endless search to try to find the right person, or the “right ONE” to complete oneself. This ineffective process often backfires and creates feelings of frustration, exhaustion, and confusion. To add some more trauma and drama to the mix, a needy-self-sacrificing-dependency tends to kick in, leading the way to heavy resentment, anger and sadness, and a rebellion against the relationship structure itself. Not exactly the lightest way to live!”

Looking forward to you joining me on this journey… and what MORE is possible now!

Let’s find out together… Let’s talk about it!

~ Dr. Sarah

Would you like to have
more fun, joy and ease in your relationships?


“The moment I opened this book I melted… the vulnerability of the authors and their beautiful words inspires me and I am so happy to know there is more than one way to “skin a cat” or have a relationship… thank you all of you! More of this in the world! <3″

Alison C.

“This book shares many stories from people with varied backgrounds. They are not telling you what to do. They share their stories and offer insights into how things have changed for them and their relationships. Each chapter has a different flavor. It’s quite an easy read.”


“A neat little compendium, an easy read, and richer in substance than most relationship books I’ve read. I found this book to be useful and would highly recommend it!”

Sara R.

“Sarah Brotsky knows what she is talking about! Her words have made my relationships more positive and manageable! She is the smartest person I know!!!! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to live their lives happily!!!!!”