Interesting Point of View?

Yes. Suppose I have many. And, have to say, I wouldn’t desire it any other way!

So what is the POINT of having an interesting point of view? And isn’t it simply the same as having an opinion?

Well, if everyone in the world had an interesting point of view, there would be a heck of a lot LESS fighting and a lot LESS need to be RIGHT! This is, in part, because everyone has a right to their own point of view; which may be the same or different from yours; or from mine… but it’s simply an interesting point of view, therefore it can simply stand alone! How cool is THAT?

Now, on the other hand, an opinion tends to take a position. A linear position of a right or wrong; a good or bad; that often times results in people advocating for or against one extreme or another… not exactly a “light” position! In fact, that could get really HEAVY, REALLY fast… ugh, no thank you!!

Alright. Now for the test

Which are you going to choose? Interesting point of view? Or interesting point of view? Haha!

Okay, all joking aside, you can totally choose to have an “opinion”…
which is an interesting point of view, from my point of view, if you were to choose that? Haha!

Apparently there’s no way of getting ME out of an

interesting point of view!

So, questions

How would your world be different if you gave everyone an interesting point of view,

What would it be like for you to allow others to have different points of view outside of yours?

What if you were not obligated to change other peoples’ points of view because they’re different?

And what if you gave yourself an interesting point of view and didn’t judge it as right or wrong?

Would this create more ease in your life?

Would it BE less stressful?

You decide.