Hello My Conscious Friends!

Dr. Sarah here and welcome to video 219.

Now, do you ever hear people say, “I just don’t care what people think about me. I don’t care what they say. I’m just cool with it. Whatever”? When you’re like, “Yeah, you do care!”

Do you find yourself doing the same thing?

Now, whenever we take a point of view on something to one side or the other, we tend to charge it up and actually counter what we’re saying.

What would it be like, instead, to give someone an interesting point of view?

With a interesting point of view, then you’re just aware of what they’re saying, and really, that’s the truth of not caring.

You’re just neutral.

You really don’t have a point of view about it because it’s just an interesting point of view.

All right. And give yourself an interesting point of view of their point of view. Wow.