How is it that even in the midst of some really heavy life occurrences, people (beautiful BEings) are choosing to recognize what they are grateful for? It is just miraculously magical to me! And I am truly grateful for the possibility of connecting and being inspired by these types of individuals daily (and if you happen to be reading this here, it’s pretty safe to say you’re one of them!

What is gratitude to you? And how does it resonate in your world?

For me, gratitude is in this space where we can tap into something greater… something beyond what we may be consciously aware of? It’s a light place where we can acknowledge what is… what we like; what we desire; what we already have. It’s here that we can have ease and joy… to live in a place of lightness.         What a gift of giving and receiving?!

So… here’s to YOU!

And your willingness to BE the you you are willing to BE!

Here’s to you choosing to BE the difference

this world requires

even in the midst of this reality’s heaviness.

Here’s to you and your awareness of what you would like to generate NOW and how this can contribute to a “light” future.

And now… I’d like to “thank you”.

Thank you for choosing to be here; for choosing to live your life your way; for choosing to contribute your presence to my world… I simply would like to thank you for BEing you!

Question… so what else is possible now you have yet to discover? What are you grateful for in this moment that you have yet to recognize? And what have you yet to acknowledge about yourself, that if you did, would allow you to receive the gift that you truly BE?

Bottom-line? You choosing to live consciously is something that I am grateful for every day… what a gift this is to me, to you, and this reality… how does it get any better?!