Welcome to the very first
Conscious YOU Project Newsletter


How does it get any better?!

I can’t express to you enough how grateful I am that you’re joining me on this new adventure . . .
The Conscious YOU Project is officially on it’s way!

Now, what wonderfulness can we generate and create together?

So here’s another quick overview of what The Conscious YOU Blast newsletter will include:

  • A recap of the previous week’s Question of the Week which will provide a highlight of what The The Conscious YOU Project (CYP) Facebook Group generated and created over the week.
  • A new Question for the next week that will set the theme and tone for what is to BE explored and discussed in our CYP Facebook Group.
  • Links to the Weekly Video section that will speak to the Question of the Week, the Cool Tools section that will include the tools discussed in the Conscious YOU Blast and CYP Facebook Group, and a Weekly Newsletter section where you can quickly access current and achieved newsletters.

Question of the Week

Who or what does this belong to?

Now what I would encourage you to do is to ask this question every time you have a heavy thought, feeling, and/or emotion show up. Then follow it with this statement:

Return to sender with consciousness.
(which I suggest you say 3 times).

This will aid in clearing the 98% of all thoughts, feelings and emotions that do not belong to you!

  1. Watch the Weekly Video for more information
  2. And check out the Cool Tools Section for all the content of the tools.
  3. And for all of you that are already using this Question, please feel free to share your awareness and experiences of using this “Return to Sender” Tool in our CYP Facebook Group.

I look forward to having the conversation wtih you about this wonderful Tool–Return to Sender.

With gratitude, Dr. Sarah