Dr. Sarah’s 2019 website provides a range of tools for people seeking to develop a higher awareness of how to engage with the world around them. The site combines many of Dr. Sarah’s online tools like her blog, radio show, videos, book and social communities into a single area for easy access.

Bloomfield Hills, MI – February 12, 2019 – Dr. Sarah’s new website (www.drsarahbrotsky.com) provides visitors with the resources to live consciously. She shares a wealth of tools to help you clear your mind, generate and create change by choice from a space of infinite possibilities. Dr. Sarah’s approach empowers you to tap into your own conscious way of being.

“I am quite excited about the launch of my new website,” said Dr. Sarah Brotsky in a recent interview. “We have new photos, a modern user-friendly design and have pulled together all of my online resources for everyone to access with ease,” she said. Dr. Sarah sees infinite possibilities to promote living consciously on the new website.

Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show – “Let’s Talk About It!”

Dr. Sarah’s 30-minute weekly radio show encourages and empowers listeners to live in a conscious way. Each episode is unique unto itself, covering a range of different topics and ideas that are fueled by the featured weekly guest. Listeners have the opportunity to submit questions for Dr. Sarah as well as suggested topics. Learn more about the Let’s Talk About It radio show.

Dr. Sarah’s Video Library

Explore Dr. Sarah’s video library for the inspiration, advice, and motivation on how to live consciousness now. For an interesting point of learn more about Dr. Sarah’s video library.

Dr. Sarah’s Book – “Relationships Done Easy”

A conscious relationship is one that functions from a space of awareness, allowance, possibility, and choice. It is a space in which each Being is authentically himself or herself, without the need to cut off awareness, points of view or preferences in order to satisfy the other. A conscious relationship welcomes in a higher form of communication, one that aids in getting clear on what is present and desired. To stop struggling with your relationships and learn more about the book Relationships Done Easy.

Dr. Sarah’s Blog – What Else Is Possible

There is no shortage of reading material on Dr. Sarah’s new website, including the blog. Published twice weekly these posts keep you in the know about living consciously. Learn about awareness as it related to choice, decision-making, a point of view, limitations, possibilities, stress, relationships and more. Follow Dr. Sarah’s blog.

Dr. Sarah’s Instagram Success

Dr. Sarah’s presence on Instagram has grown to be widespread and influential. Recent posts have gained over 13,000 likes and demonstrate her ability to promote the topic of living consciously on the popular social network platform. You can follow Dr. Sarah on Instragram.

About Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. She uses the Access Consciousness® tools to assist people in clearing anything that does not contribute to their overall well-being. Dr. Sarah has appeared in international journals and written for numerous publications related to psychology. She is a published author of the international best-selling book, Relationships Done Easy: Creating Delicious Possibilities. Dr. Sarah has appeared on television programs including the nationally syndicated Dr. Keith Ablow Show, as an expert in eating disorders. She has also appeared on radio programs as an authority on a variety of psychological topics such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and inter-personal relationship issues.

Media Contact
Contact Dr. Sarah on the contact web page, which has all the options to reach her.