What would YOU like to create that you have yet to CHOOSE?

My approach centers around empowering YOU to tap into your own CONSCIOUS way of being.

I’ll share a wealth of tools to help you clear your mind, generate and create change by choice from a space of infinite possibilities.

How does it get any BEtter?



My Question of the Moment: 

Each week I invite you, my conscious friends, to live in the question.

My fun and potent questions not only kick-start your awareness, they will assist you in tapping into the realm of possibilities with total ease.

Together, we’ll challenge the old patterns of thinking that may be keeping you stuck in a heavy spot. We’ll then explore new pathways of awareness that will move you into a space that is light, easy, and filled with joy. 

What would it be like to envision a new way of BEing for you? Let’s find out! 

Be sure to tune in every Monday at 6PM EST for my podcast, “Let’s Talk About It” via Blog Talk Radio. 

Each weekly episode is a light-hearted, informative conversation where we’ll explore various topics such as tools for managing anxiety, living a consciousness life, and how to create fulfilling, conscious relationships. 

To round things out, I’ll bring on special guests who will offer their knowledge, insight, and very unique point of view to the table.

I invite you to listen, laugh, learn! Find out more information, ask a question, or contribute a comment by clicking below.



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Are you ready for something new? 

Do you sense there is something more waiting for you in this reality, but can’t seem to find it? 

My videos are the practical, life-changing tools and pep-talks to get you perceiving things outside the box. 


Have you found yourself in too many dysfunctional relationships? Most of us have. Now there’s a book that can help you make any relationship more fun, fulfilling, and, above all, CONSCIOUS!

Join me and a myriad other authors as we present variety of chapters on how to improve your relationships and your life.

My chapter“Traveling the 7 C’s: Generating, Creating, and Sustaining Conscious Relationships”, not only provides you with the awareness and insight into conscious relationships, but also provides a pragmatic tool that allows you to generate and create lighter and more sustainable relationships.

“Dr. Brotsky is one of a kind. Not only has she provided me the right tools and guidance while going through a very difficult personal relationship, but has given me the strength and knowledge to become empowered…. and with that, she has changed my life. My awareness is so much higher that I’m now able to navigate more effectively through challenging situations – whether it be on a personal level, or a business level. I am so grateful.”


“Dr. Sarah is not your typical psychologist. She truly cares and gives you the tools to achieve the personal healing of your mind, body & spirit.


“I’ve known Dr. Sarah for years. The knowledge and experience of her work is phenomenal! She has a wonderful manner and her passion to educate you about your health will make you feel like you are loved and cared for with the utmost respect. She is a gifted healer, in every way. Thank you Dr. Sarah for living in your passion to help others cope on a day-to-day basis and to love Life again.”